New Parts, New Plans

If anyone remember, I planned to build a PC for a friend, but it stranded a bit due to the difficulty of finding the "right" parts within the ill defined budget. Back at the time, it was just around one of the trade shows, so a lot of new mini-itx cases was coming out. Which was good news, since it marked a real entry of mini-itx into the mainstream.

I realize that mini-itx cases was a thing before, but around that time I began to see more and more of them with fewer and fewer flaws/tradeoffs, all in all making them (as a category) a lot more appealing to build in.

I initially wanted to do the build in a IN WIN 901, and while I still think that it is a good case and probably more striking than most cases, it is however somewhat expensive, and because it comes without fans (which is ok, since a fair protion of the buyers would probably upgrade anyway) you need to throw a bit more money at it, in order to not have a toaster. So perhaps the IN WIN 901 is not the right choice, so I went looking for what is available for purchase around these parts. And I think I found just the right case: the Thermaltake Core V1.

The Termaltake Core V1, seems quite good judging from the review I have read (here is one from [H]ard|OCP), I from what I can tell the 200mm fan in front does an excellent job of pumping cool air into the case and keeping things cold. Futhermore it is a lot cheaper than the IN WIN 901. In addition it is also somewhat easier to build in.

Of course it does have a few weak points when comparing with the IN WIN.

  1. it has no space for an optical drive, but neither does my PC (and in fact neither does my my laptop), I make due with a external one that I anyway only whip out when I need to rip a CD (yes, I am old fashioned).
  2. it is a bit wider, due to her limitied desk I think this is a reasonable complaint, but I think I have to visit with a carpenters ruler and see how much space is actually available.

While I am at it, I should also get around to crack open her current PC again, and see if anything can be scavenged, I know I wrote about that last time, but it seems that I have been busy (and perhaps a bit lazy).

Project: A PC for A

Posted Jan 31 2015 by Esben Sonne