So I got a NCase M1...

I backed the first production run of the NCase M1, and I got one, with the number 204. And overall I am very happy with it. Although there is some problems with it - problems I could have avoided if I had known a little more about the problems with SFF builds, but you live, you fail, you learn. For what it is worth I consider myself a little wiser now.

My mistakes were:

So when I saw the M1 was getting a second production run (with some slight modifications), I jumped at it, and I am now awaiting getting the M1 V2. I plan to transplant the innards of my current build into the new case once it arrives, but not right away. I want to change a few things, now that I am not in a rush/too eager to build.

But what is going to happen with the old case then? Surely I cannot give it away, there is too much sentimental value in it for me, as it housed my first SFF PC (yes, my first SFF build was in the M1, I might be crazy). Luckily, I have a plan to turn it into a home server/NAS at some point, but that seems like a future project, not the one for today.

The build will probably take quite a while to complete, as firstly the PSU is not released yet, and I want to hear what some reviewers say about it. And secondly, I have not watercooled a PC before, so I need to do a lot of research first - luckily I have help, a guy that has been the the overclocking and watercooling game for quite a while moved into the building I live in some time ago, and so far he seems happy to help and answer my questions.

Project: NCase M1 V2

Posted Jul 20 2014 by Esben Sonne