Blog Update

In case you had not noticed, the site is now more than a bare minimum of HTML, there is now an actual CSS style file, with custom font and other shenanigans.

It contains a few fonts, or rather references, the actual fonts are on Google Fonts, so they can be cached if your browser has already come across them on the internet before.

I also included a simple favicon and the nicest picture of myself, which was btw taken by my girlfriend on a vacation in Estonia. It's been circled as current web fashion dictates. Let's see how long passes before that looks dated?

There is just one problem, I am a backend programmer, mostly comfortable with long running daemons dealing with numbers and strings, and which only "UI" is a (Json) REST service. So while I think I know a little about spotting and appreciating good design, I have not yet much skill in producing it, especially the digital kind. I would think that most web UI designers, would probably look at the site and think it's kind of peculiar at best, and if they have a look at the CSS they might even think it's kind of dumb. And they would likely have a point, any tips, pointers, links, and angry emails with a least a hint of the right direction is welcome. The simplest way to learn is probably to keep iterating and improving.

I have of course drawn inspiration from other blogs, and some from googling around and seeing whats possible, but I have tried to make my own mark on the styling and not just dumping a stylesheet in and calling it a day.

And of course the blogs version number has been bumped an appropriate number.

Posted Jul 26 2014 by Esben Sonne