Got brakes

As previously mentioned, I ordered a pair of Shimano 605s, and since Chain Reaction Cycles have good shipment, I can write about it already.

First of all, the good news: they actually fit; they can reach the rim. So I can now build a functioning bike, though not a rideable one yet, since I still do not have a seatpost.

How about those aesthetics?

I got one complaint so far about the 605s: the looks. I knew that they had to be a bit bigger to actually reach down to the rim, but I had not foreseen that they were a bit bulkier in general as well. That may be because the overall construction needs to be a bit sturdier, but on the other hand the production marks also seems a lot rougher on the 605s.

the brakes

After my friend saw the images of the last post, he decided that I needed a lesson in bike aesthetics, which is probably appropriate since I do not really know what I am doing. The main points were:

This leads me to question what kind of bike I am actually building. Perhaps the choice of frame (old commuter) is coming back to haunt me.

The fenders are because the bike is actually made to fit fenders, and currently there is a large gap between the wheels and the fork/frame. So sure, fenders are probably an appropriate addition.

I would have prefered to have a bike without it, but it seems that, that wish may not come true with this bike; but on the other hand, I still find the black metropolitan from affinity ever so pretty.

Project: DIY Bike

Posted Dec 09 2014 by Esben Sonne