Wheels and other parts

So after a long wait, finally there is news about the bike.

A lot of parcels arrived within a short timespan and sadly I was very caught up in the process and building to actually post something, so this is almost a recap.

First I got the long awaited parcel with the hubs and a seatpost (which is too big), and then my friend came over and made me help him make the wheels. Bascially I assembled the second wheel while he was tweaking the first, and afterwards tweaked the second. The process took a little while, but it was a fun evening and I learned something, and I think the end result is quite nice.

front hub

The next day I got a parcel from BLB, containing the tires, stem, handlebars and brake levers. Which for the most part ended up looking like this:

one uninflated wheel

stem and handlebars

Now as you may have noticed there is not yet any brakes on it, and there is a very good reason why. The otherwise very nice pair of Shimano 105s that I bought does not have the reach to actually reach the rim, I can fit it so the pads brake on the rubber walls of the tire, but I have a feeling that might not end very well.

So instead I have decided to get some other brakes (Shimano 605s) and see if they can fit, and if not I may as well just start collecting the damn things. I am planning to keep the 105s for the moment, since I have a feeling that this is not the last bike I will build, and a strong feeling that the next one will have a new rather than used frame.

In order to get a seatpost, I planned to go to one of the better (as far as I know) parts shops in Copenhagen, namely one called Track Bike Shop, which was recommened to me by my friend; it was actually where he bought the spokes for the wheels.

And lastly, here is how it looks so far:

total of bike

Project: DIY Bike

Posted Nov 11 2014 by Esben Sonne